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About PriMMed

PriMMed is helping patients achieve a healthy lifestyle.


We treat a wide variety of common conditions.


We offer a wide variety of common treatments.

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Acute and Chronic Neck Pain

There are many factors that contribute to chronic neck pain.

Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain

Back pain and discomfort is the most common reason patients seek pain specialists.

Post Laminectomy Syndrome

Laminectomies relieve vertebral stress by safely removing a portion of the affected vertebrae.


Sciatica is characterized by low back pain that may also be felt in the hips, buttocks and down the back of the legs.


Celiac Plexus Block

There are many possible factors for neck or upper back pain, all of which can be examined and treated at PriMMed’s newly advanced facilities.

Coordinated Physical Therapy

PriMMed uses a multidisciplinary approach to pain management to give their patients the best combination of care.

Epidural Steroid Injection

The word “epidural” is common language which describes both an anatomical structure and the common procedure of placing a steroid injection in the epidural space.


A discography is a non-surgical diagnostic procedure done to identify damaged intervertebral discs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bring to first appointment?

Please bring your insurance card, photo ID, copayment, medical records, and any radiology imaging you have had done (such as x-rays, CT, MRI). If possible, please print and fill out our new patient packet which is available on our website.

Can I be seen at any location?

Patients are encouraged to continue care at the same location during their care, but if it is more convenient for the patient to move to a different location, accommodations can be made.

Will I see a physician?

At PriMMed, we implement a team approach to patient care. During your initial consult, you will see one of our physicians. However, at subsequent appointments you may be seen by a physician, physician assistant, or a nurse practitioner based on your plan of care which is evaluated after every visit.

Bring someone to drive me?

You must bring a driver to your procedure appointment.


“Before I met with the team at PriMMed, I could hardly move my neck. Afterwards, I had nearly full range of motion back.”

Shelly C.

“My back pain was preventing me from living the active lifestyle I prefer, and the team at PriMMed got me up and running in no time.”

Joseph C.

Appointments? Refills? Records? Find them online. ACCESS PATIENT PORTAL

Appointments? Refills? Records? Find them online.

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Let us ease your pain away. Book your appointment Today.